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Bienvenidos a
Aqui tenemos lo mejor surf diaro, surf videoclip, surf webcam para las playas de Costa de la Luz como Tarifa, El Palmar, Conil, Roche, La Barrosa, Chiclana, Camposoto, Cádiz, Rota y Puerto de Santa Maria.

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Costa de la luz daily Surf report, video clip and Surf web cam links for all the local beaches on the Costa de la Luz area including Tarifa, El Palmar, Conil, Roche, La Barrosa, Chiclana, Camposoto, Cádiz, Rota and Puerto de Santa Maria. The page displays a daily photo from La Barrosa beach with a link to an enlarged version of the daily photo. The daily Surf videoclip is shown on the right and is MPEG format. Along with a daily tide timetable, sea temperature, wave size and wind direction we give the Surf conditions a thumbs up or thumbs down.

This site provides everything you need to know about Surfing shortboard, longboard, kneeboard or bodyboard on the Costa de la Luz here on the Atlantic Ocean, in Andalucia, Southern Spain. The languages are English, Spanish, French and German.

Here is a Surf taster of some of the waves on the Costa de la Luz beaches:

La Barrosa La Barrosa La Barrosa

Weather click here
There is a Cádiz weather icon which updates you on the local temperature, weather, humidity and levante wind in Cádiz. Check further down on the page and you will see links to local weather for Chiclana de la Frontera. On my
water & weather page you will find a year timetable for the maximum and minimum air temperatures, rainfall, sea temperatures, size of waves to expect at different times of year and what wetsuit or when to wear boardshorts in the Atlantic ocean.

Beaches click here
This page displays accurate descriptions from all the local
Costa de la Luz beaches such as Tarifa, El Palmar, Conil, Roche, La Barrosa, Chiclana, Camposoto, Cádiz, Rota and Puerto de Santa Maria with recent Surf photos from each of them, and links to Surf webcams and local Surf shops, where to hire Surfboards and wetsuits. Here you will find information on where there are campsites, hotels to stay.
This page gives tips on how to predict swell from low pressures, what exactly the Levante wind does to help & hinder us and which beaches are indicators for the Costa de la Luz. An overview of the best times of year from summer to winter to Surf the Costa de la Luz and a Surf photo archive provides a
recent history of the Surf photos.

Guestbook  click here
Please add your comments here in the
guestbook about the website & suggestions for improvements to provide better Surf information, or just comments about your experience Surfing here on the Costa de la Luz.

Site Improvements click here
I have include answers to frequently asked questions & site improvements about this Surf website, further webcams and more accurate Surf information.

Surf Links
These Surf related links take you to Surf forums, other Surf reports around Europe, Surf shops in the area or how to perform Surf tricks such as 360s, frontside or backside airs, floaters, top turn, bottom turn, re-entry, cutback, roundhouse cutback.

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These websites may provide you with helpful information about Spain, or other projects we are involved in.

The website administrator and local Surfer providing all of this Surf information is

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