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Caños de Meca
Tiene una enorme y plana roca, con lo que el pico es muy estable. Con una izquierda apetecible, y ocasionalmente algunas derechas, las mejores condiciones son en bajamar. Ya que es un spot de arrecife (recomendamos uso de casco -cuando esté grande-) suele destacar, mientras que en otros lugares -como El Palmar- está pequeño. También Castillejos ofrece sesiones estupendas, con un "orillerón" muy, muy potente.Va aqui

This spot has a more southerly profile and receives less westerly swells than most of the other beaches. It's a reefbreak and hence powerful, working when nearby El Palmar is over 4ft. Also very popular in strong levante winds for windsurfers coming up from Tarifa.

surf en caños de meca surf en caños de meca

El Palmar & Zahora
Uno de los rompientes de mayor fama. Lo es por la calidad de sus olas: rápidas, huecas, orilleras, potentes... Un capricho para todo surfista. El mejor viento (del Este) hace que si contamos con buena medida -desde 1 metro-, se formen estupendos tubos. Nos atreveríamos a afirmar que es el mejor "spot" de Cádiz. Derechas e izquierdas, varios picos bien repartidos y un entorno genial. Va aqui

Probably the most consistent spot on an Atlantic swell. The most popular & renowned beach break with all manner of (international) campervans, motorhomes and a whole lot more turning up. Convenient stop off for those travelling to/from Morocco. There are peaks all the way down from the Trafalgar lighthouse to the river at Conil (4km north). A very powerful shore break wave like South Western France. Rips can be heavy on a large swell. A village (or small town) fronts the beach here with a nice laid back atmosphere.
You can hire surfboards & wetsuits right on the beach webcam

El Palmar El Palmar El Palmar El Palmar enviada por David El Palmar enviada por David Surf en El Palmar
Surf en El Palmar Surf en El Palmar Surf en El Palmar
surf en Zahora surf en Zahora surf en Zahora
surf en Zahora enviada por David

Conil (La fontanilla, Bateles, Fuento del gallo)
Less popular as the waves seem more ragged and slowly decrease in size as you head north to Fuento del gallo. Also surfing restrictions put in place by lifeguards in summer (if there was any surf!). There are 2 surf shops in the town near the sea front.

Conil Conil Conil Conil Conil Conil


El webcam! Surf school & surf chalet rentals One thing! the guy who runs these 2 sites is also called Andy but it isn't me!!!!  ¡Ojo! El dueño del webs surfschoolspain y winterwaves se llama Andy tambien, pero el no es lo mismo que yo soy.

Roche & El Ronqueo
Una playa extremadamente larga que llega hasta Chiclana. Suele ser donde entra más mar, con lo que es imaginable que casi siempre hay olas -aunque a veces está desordenado-. Predomina una orillera muy fuerte, super alegre; además el fondo es arena. Está a menos de dos kilómetros de la urbanización. Roche webcam

Roche is a steeper beach than others in the locality and is backed by an urbanisation. The main peak in front of the joining steps of 'Calle Suecia'. The waves are frequently fast & heavy. It is a fickle spot as the shape of the bottom is always changing, effecting the quality of the waves with many close outs.

Roche Roche Roche playa de roche playa de roche playa de roche

playa de roche playa de roche playa de roche

La Barrosa (1ª, 2ª, 3ª pista, Hoteles de Chiclana-Novo, El Puerco)
1ª pista is the most sheltered (becauses of the Castilla) and size increases as you move down the beach towards El Puerco & Roche. 1ª pista can hold a classic right under the cliffs on a high tide with solid south/south westerly swell when 2ª pista is maxing out, watch out for the rips that pulls you south though.  In general this stretch of coast has a flatter profile than other local breaks. Always better & bigger on the pushing tide and low tide normally closes out. 2ª pista is easily the most popular with a crew of maybe 40 on late afternoons. You will find it next to the 'cruz roja' building. The arrival of locals in the car park is usually accompanied by a few handbrake turns and frantic beeping of their horns! The surf shops in Chiclana include Oasis & Etnica Surf in 'Coto de Aldea'. Surf shop

Offshore there is a sandbar and also a reef behind 'La Castilla'

La Barrosa La Barrosa La Barrosa La Barrosa La Barrosa La Barrosa
La Barrosa La Barrosa

Camposoto & Castillo
Wild, exposed beach nearest to San Fernando and the salt marshes.

Camposoto Camposoto

These are private as they are on military ground.

Cadiz (La Caleta, Sta Maria,  La Victoria, La Cortadura)
Playa de Santa Maria
. Con un viento soplando del sur/Oeste no esta mal, pero un tamaño de 50% de El Palmar.
This is the most northerly beach in Cadiz and has rock walls either side. It works ok in onshore conditions but otherwise the wave is a bit weak and is slowed greatly as it enters the bay. At high tide there is backwash. Usually only about half the size of El Palmar.

Santa Maria Cadiz Santa Maria Cadiz Victoria Cadiz Cortadura Cadiz Cortadura Cadiz

Son de la playita detras del Espigon y de la punta del sur(la caleta). Son las que parecen la ola con muchas piedras es un spot muy peligroso, pero son de las mejores olas de cadiz. Gracias a Jesus.
La Caleta, Cadiz La Caleta, Cadiz La Caleta, Cadiz La Caleta, Cadiz La Caleta, Cadiz

El webcam!

Stretching south there are beaches Victoria, Cortadura (Picks up the most swell in Cádiz, and there is a surf shop right on the beach road here) and del chato (with some reef). Long stretches of beach breakbreak, and also some reef near the NIV motorway.

Costa Ballena
About half way between Rota & Chipiona you will find an urbanization backing onto a beach. It has a really flat profile so a long paddle out on larger swells.

Costa Ballena Costa Ballena Costa Ballena


Chipiona (Cruz Mar, Regla, Tres Piedras)
The town beaches faces north/north east and the swells are also deflected by the Roman sea walls. A place to go on a large swell when everything else is too big.

Tarifa (Los Lances, Valdevaqueros)
Tarifa los lances Tarifa los lances
El webcam1   El Webcam2

About 3km of beach from Los Lances to El Chozo. Needs a considerable swell to start working but a good choice whe huge conditions close out the beaches further north.

There are plenty of other spots but I haven't surfed them all or got photos yet! In addition to all the beaches along the coast there are offshore sandbars which start to work on larger swells.

Hotels, camping and bars

At El Palmar there is a campsite 1km inland, villas to rent 'se aquila', plenty of beachside bars & also a few hosteles to stay overnight and hang out with other surfers. Near Conil there are a few campsites, expensive hotels, many bars and some cheaper hosteles. In Novo there are really expensive hotels & bars. On the roads to La Barrosa you will find a couple of campsites and plenty of beach road bars.

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